Riding School and Ethical Training Centre In The Heart Of Staffordshire

Denise O'Reilly - Let me share with you... the dressage secret

At The Dressage Secret Training Centre and Riding School we combine training for both the horse and rider from 3 specialist backgrounds, which, when practiced together can give some really ground-breaking improvements in many of the key areas which riders of all levels struggle with...

Rider Biomechanics

This training is based on the Ride With Your Mind™ methods of world-renowned biomechanics expert, Mary Wanless. Denise has trained extensively with Mary over the last 25 years and is one of only two coaches worldwide to have achieved the Level 3 Accreditation in this system. The Dressage Secret tailors this training to find specific solutions within the riders own seat to enable a positive effect to occur in the horse. We specialise in assessing and teaching symmetry, developing the rider’s core and the application of biomechanics to the dressage horse and rider.

Obedience to the lightest aids

We use a system of in-hand work which transfers perfectly to the ridden aids, as taught by Dr. Andrew McLean. Dr McLean has written extensively on Equine Learning Theory and has formatted an ethical, evidence-based training system which has a huge influence on equine behaviour and training lightness and responsiveness without force.

Training the dressage athlete

The training ethos is based on developing the horse as a willing athlete and equine partner. Our training system is based on many years input from some of today’s top dressage coaches, and this together with a firm classical foundation means that every horse and rider can learn to realise their full potential, regardless of age, level of current experience or the odd conformational fault! If your learning has reached a plateau, your scores are stuck or your riding is in a rut, come and share with us the Dressage Secret, where every rider and every horse gets the opportunity to be the best they can be.